Intimidating teacher

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While these actions in no way justify bullying, understanding the teacher’s point of view can put the situation in context.

Explain to the teacher which parts of their dynamic may be affecting your child.

The bulk of these teachers regularly go above and beyond to educate with passion — to inspire students to explore their strengths while nurturing their love of learning.

Still, there are times when this isn’t the case — when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Here are some suggestions: If your child is being bullied, especially by an adult, it makes sense that your feelings could fall anywhere between indignant and murderous.

However, a parent’s explosive emotional display is likely to overwhelm a child and may cause her to shut down even more.In fact, many sources recommend going to the teacher first (provided the situation is not completely egregious), and I’d tend to agree.Stick to questions like, “I’m concerned because my child is reporting that she doesn’t believe you like her. ” Although you may feel upset at the teacher, give her a chance to explain what is going on.Your child may display any number of these signs, regardless of age.Getting your child to talk depends on her age and ability to express herself.If this is is a step you plan to take, let the teacher know once you’re wrapping up your meeting..Emphasize that you are informing the administration in an effort to problem-solve effectively, and not to retaliate for wrongs you believe were committed.Here’s what you can do if you suspect that your child is being bullied by a teacher.Being bullied by a teacher can cause your child to exhibit the following symptoms: mean that something has gone awry at school.Work on regulating your emotions before starting the conversation.Once you’ve regulated your own emotions, gently address your concern with your child.


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