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And, but for the interference with his arrangement, there would be no cause for such marriage.On this point Mildred had said, “we’re doing this for the principle of it, this is unfair, and we know it will help a lot of other people, and we are glad about that…” I was happy for their hard-won victory, but what I hadn’t known, was that their time together as a legally married couple able to live in their home state of Virginia, was to last for only eight more years–one year less than it took to fight the courts for that right–because Mildred and Richard were in a car accident that involved a drunk driver, and Richard lost his life.The film went on to say that Mildred continued to live in Virginia surrounded by her family and friends until her death in 2008 at the age of 68 from pneumonia.What nobody could know initially, was how far they’d have to take their case, and how long it would take to get the desired outcome.Luckily for us, a journalist who was in touch with the importance of the Loving’s story, spent a week with them in 1965, so there was a good deal of footage of them discussing their case as it was continuing to unfold over the course of many years of waiting. Mildred, who was 19 when they married, and twenty-six at the time of the filming, did most of the talking. Mildred was very warm, very soft-spoken, but yet firm in what she believed in.Two young ACLU lawyers just several years out of law school, Bernard Cohen and Philip Hirschkop took on the Lovings’ cause.Both lawyers had a feeling that they had in their hands what could turn out to be a monumental, historic civil rights case.While awaiting that court date journalists filmed white Southerner’s views of interracial marriage, and it was interesting to feel the reaction of today’s audience as we watched a well-dressed white woman in her early 60’s declare that the (paraphrasing)…”races should stay separate…I am proud to be white, and the Negros are proud to be negros…and I am thankful that my mother and father didn’t mix, or else I wouldn’t be the white person I am today…” That was the gist of it, and the mostly white audience laughed at her ridiculous statement.I had heard of this couple, but only knew a few sketchy details of the problems they had as an interracial married couple back in the late 1950’s.Over the course of the movie, I learned much more about the legal details of their fight to legalize their marriage.


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