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She is currently assisting with the new Post blog, .Alice described typical sources of requests for the researchers: “Someone gets a tip; we flesh it out. ” The Post has a central library providing day, night, and weekend coverage.Researchers work in specialized areas, such as the foreign desk.

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Scott said he loves documents because they are fixed in time, unlike people whose memories and stories morph over time.

Good documents reveal more than the author intended, and Scott told a story that illustrates the indirect way a reporter may use a document to uncover intelligence.

When the White House report was originally released, the electronic file’s document properties showed the original author as “feaver_p”.

Peter Feaver worked in the White House and was a political scientist from Duke University.

Scott and Alice discussed how they find and use government information, what their favorite sources are, and which documents even they have trouble tracking down.

Scott told the crowd that librarians probably see many more documents than he does, so please feel free to send any “smoking memos” to (Chicago: Ivan R. At the Times, he has covered such stories as the 2006 intelligence agency attempt to reclassify already-public documents at the National Archives and the 2007 trial of Scooter Libby.

Scott is a heavy user of the Freedom of Information Act, but the process is too slow to help with most news deadlines.

He’ll file a FOIA request when he has an idea or a “passing thought” that might relate to a long-term project.


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