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Kimbal, a chemistry teacher trying desperately to dodge repeated seduction attempts from his students.

When playing Scrabble, Michelle scores 37 points for "INFECTIOUS", but her real score would have been 88 points: 38 points for the letters (including the one "double word" and two "double letter" scores) plus 50 points for playing all seven of her tiles.

The following is by no means an exhaustive catalogue of every terrible bathroom moment that has occurred in cinema, but it hopefully offers a broad cross-section.

So from nasty experiences on toilets to far-from-relaxing encounters in the bathtub, here’s our selection of horrifying bathroom moments...

At the same time, their mutual friend Caroline has become so infatuated with her older boyfriend Ryan that she doesn't realize he's just using her.

All the while, John, spends the week informing his two best friends, Colin (April's repressed and confused brother) and Tyler (the subject of Michelle's crush), about obscure sexual urban legends he reads about online, that just somehow end up managing to come true. Jordan, who also happens to be Michelle's father, and Mr.And I'd guess all the "teenagers" are played by actors at least five or ten years older.Like a porno, the characters are all paper thin and the situations so absurd that this doesn't begin to make it as a serious drama.There are only a few boring boob shots of the three "teenage" actresses.Instead, it just tries to be REALLY outrageous, kind of like "Clerks", but it REALLY makes you appreciate the relative talent of Kevin Smith. The other two name actors, Brian O' Halloran and Bronson Pinchot, manage to maintain what little dignity they had to begin with. But it IS bad in a horrible, slow-motion car crash kind of way.Marketing sells the sex factor, but it is not sexy.Should only be played in the background to waste a couple mindless hours.See more » This looks like a 70's XXX porn movie where people without the budget or the any near approximation of the talent tried to make an actual narrative film and failed miserably.But the target audience didn't really care because, hey, it was porn.A naive young girl travels to South Beach to become a model, only to find that everything is not as it seems.Her worst nightmares are confirmed as she enters the dark side of the industry and models begin to disappear.


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