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But I take my Yelping seriously, and would NEVER write a fake review — even though you’d be ASTONISHED at how many times I’ve been asked to.NOTE to business owners: I AM NOT writing a fake good review for your business — unless I’ve already been there, and liked it! Anyhoo, seeing this bullshit in black-and-white really got my goat…so now I’m back in the anti-Goretorium fray. I am officially withdrawing from the Goretorium fray.(All this from Wikipedia.) I guess he was hired at the Goretorium as an actor, and promised “good money…” but then found out after it was too late that the “good money” was minimum wage.

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This handout advises that if you want a bonus (it couldn’t be a very big bonus, seeing as they pay minimum wage), you are expected/required to do a bunch of crazy social media crap, including make a Facebook page for your Goretorium character, have at least 100 friends on it, post on it at least 3x per week, plus have a Twitter page, plus vote for Goretorium in all the local “best-of” polls, PLUS find six different locations that will let you drop off Goretorium flyers every 2 weeks. But the worst part of it was, they ALSO expect you to write good Goretorium reviews on Yelp. account, you are supposed to create one — then write two good reviews of other businesses first, so that you don’t get flagged or filtered when you post your glowing review of Goretorium (Yelp!And I was immediately confronted with a HUUUUUGE line….a line that wasn’t moving AT. ” Anything that has a bunch of dumbasses in line for it is usually a COMPLETE waste of time (viz.Disneyland rides, i Phones, Justin Bieber tickets).Enter Eli Roth, director of horror film classics “Hostel” and “Hostel II…” but probably most notably recognizable as the Bear Jew from “Inglorious Basterds.” Roth had the semi-ingenious idea of opening a year-round haunt on the Vegas Strip — something to get that coveted 18-35 Hot Topic dollar, complete with a wedding chapel and lounge.He hired a bunch of local nightclub-industry douchebags to run the place, then set his sights on a late-September opening…just in time to capitalize on Halloween (which, due to its symbiotic relationship with slutty costumes, has pretty much become Vegas’s signature holiday).He has a sizeable cadre of followers — fellow ex-employees who are also pissed off, plus a random assortment of fans and friends.They are one and all hell-bent on bringing the Goretorium down — with social media campaigns and live protests (in costume) in front of the Goretorium, in the middle of the Vegas Strip. Out of spite, I was inclined to side with Don Henrie and his peeps…but, honestly: would you EVER take a job (much less quit an already established job) for a new one without knowing EXACTLY what the pay is? No matter how fun a gig it is, I need to know the bottom line first, yo!(Honestly, I couldn’t have cared less about the haunted house. ) The reception went from 9-11, and I had to work til 10 that night…but having been assured that it would be worth stopping by at, I raced over there the minute I got off work. Whenever I see a bunch of people standing in line to get an i Phone or to get into a nightclub or something, I am immediately reminded of the late, great Sex Pistols’ song “EMI:” “Blind acceptance is a sign…of STUPID FOOLS WHO STAND IN LINE!Apparently, this is standard operating procedure for many Vegas Strip nightclubs — and other businesses in general. I *love* Yelp — I use it ALL the time to find mechanics, restaurants, contractors, etc.I am such a prolific Yelper, in fact, that they gave me Elite status, and now I get free schwag every now and again (see below).


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