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I stopped responding to guys that opened with messages commenting on my appearance.Why didn't they want to talk about my favorite books? Why did every conversation have to be on the side of sexual?

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All I had wanted while creating my profile was to meet someone new who accepted me and my body, but much like the men who simply didn't want to talk to me because I was fat, these men reduced me to nothing but the width of my hips, and that, I realized, was not what I wanted either.However, there’s a crazy coincidence that happened after he ghosted me that prompted me to submit this,” she told the site.Shortly after she was ghosted, the woman noticed her date had created another Bumble profile that included a new — and insulting — addition to his bio: “Pleeeeease don’t be fat in real life.” WATCH: Online Dating Tips from a Couple That Met Online “I know it could have been about someone else, but the coincidence is a little sketchy to me,” the woman told Elite Daily.But what These days, I relish my curves, champion the cellulite that shows when I wear white jeans, and have done away with the fear that stopped me from wearing sleeveless shirts, short dresses, and anything high-waisted.I even started a You Tube channel, where my most viewed videos are those about my experience as a fat girl.Before signing up for Ok Cupid, I had never taken a full body shot of myself, not even the obligatory OOTD mirror selfie.My selfies were always taken from the shoulders up, and I considered them a form of self-appreciation; they were a celebration of the most attractive parts of me according to me.I've said goodbye to my dating profiles, deleted the apps, and stopped the search for love altogether.And not long after I did away with online dating, it occurred to me that my You Tube's inception wouldn't have happened if I hadn't spoken so openly about my body with my potential romantic partners.On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it had never mattered that my body wasn't pictured in my uploaded photos, but I didn't have any choice when it came to my online profile.So, with my hair curled, a beat face, and my favorite outfit on, I took that full-length mirror selfie in my college bedroom, testing out angles and poses for my profile that made me look good but not too good.


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