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As we have seen before, the main performance killer is the Select statement.

As we have seen before, the main performance killer is the Select statement.

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The option to automatically fill formulas to create calculated columns in an Excel table is on by default.

If you don’t want Excel to create calculated columns when you enter formulas in table columns, you can turn the option to fill formulas off.

And the same thing happens when you change a formula; the change will also expand to the rest of the calculated column.

A calculated column can include a cell that has a different formula from the rest.

Method 1 - Cell by Cell using Select The first method does what you definitely should not do: it loops through the entire range row by row and column by column, selects a cell and then reads the value of this cell respectively writes a value to this cell on the worksheet. Method 5 - Array Column by Column This is the transposed version of method 4: it reads and writes the range column by column, using a 2-dimensional VBA array again, but this time with the rows count as the upper bound of the first dimension and 1 as the upper bound of the second dimension. Let’s test the methods with different range sizes, i.e. We start with a small range of only 10 rows and 2 columns.

Method 6 - Entire Array in One Go Finally, the fastest way to read/write all values from/to an Excel range is to directly assign the entire range to a 2-dimensional VBA array which dimensions equals the size of the range, i.e. Here are the results: You can already see that using a Select statement is considerably slower than the other methods.

Optimize the way of reading values from and writing values to the worksheet. However, how much can you speed up your code with these best practices?

Instead of looping through a range, read or write the entire block of data in one go with one single statement. Well, for the screen updating and the calculation mode, it depends on how your specific workbook looks like. how much rendering Excel has to do to update the screen? Thus, it is hard to provide universally valid numbers on the potential performance increase.

Now you see it: there is a considerable potential of performance optimization, if you use the best way to exchange data between Excel and VBA.

Finally, let’s go big: 50,000 rows and 50 columns (= 2.5 million cells): The effect scales.


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