Ethics of options repricing and backdating

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As a form of executive compensation, backdating of stock options merely acts as just another illustration of how the interests of investors can be manipulated by executives who are able to camouflage their behavior through a variety of techniques.

Once again shareholders are compelled to ask: Where were the directors?

There was particular public outrage at the plundering of pension funds by Robert Maxwell, at the failure of auditors to expose the impending bankruptcy of th This study examines the relationship among market competition, corporate governance, and stock returns in Korea, a representative emerging market.

We find that the relation between product-market competition and a firm’s stock return is insignificant This paper analyses whether good corporate governance leads to higher common stock returns and enhances firm value in Europe.

The resulting significant financial losses to Enron and World Com employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders as well as the damage to other actors in the market eroded public trust in the financial market. The statute aimed first and foremost to improve public trust by requiring various measures to better protect investors, employees, and other stakeholders from non-scrupulous executives and professionals.

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To better encourage best practices of corporate governance, the statute seems to embody a set of values including transparency, accountability, integrity (which is reflected in proper mechanisms of checks and balances) (Harshberger and Jois, 2007), and public responsibility (cf. Although executives receive the lion’s portion of stock options, this is merely one of the several financial tools used for employees’ compensation.From this point of view, we look at the backdating of stock options as an agency problem (Bebchuk and Fried, 2003; Narayanan et al., 2007).Thus, we confine our focus in this paper to a discussion of the ethical aspects of the conflict of interests involving the backdating of stock options as a form of compensation between managers and shareholders and between directors and shareholders.Aconventional view would see ESOs as a US-styleorganizational innovation A variety of stakeholders have long been interested in the factors that are related to firm valuation.This article investigates why companies with more comprehensive corporate governance (CG) have a value premium over companies with less comprehensi As a result of recent corporate scandals, several rules have focused on the role played by Boards of Directors on the planning and monitoring of corporate codes of ethics.In theory, outside directors are in a better position than insiders to protect This paper investigates the effect of corporate governance on market reaction around of a stock repurchase announcement.We argue that corporate governance affects the ability of a stock repurchase to alleviate agency costs related to free cash flows Good corporate governance requires that managers promote shareholder interests but it cannot be assumed they will act in this manner.Backdating of stock options is an example of an agency problem.It has emerged despite all the measures (i.e., new regulations and additional corporate governance mechanisms) aimed at addressing such problems? Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Equity-based pay in the form of executive shareoptions (ESOs) is a controversial part of thetypical, US-style governance package, and ESOsin Germany are the focus of this paper.


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