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At our best, we can rationally discuss issues and come to a resolution that we can both live with.At our worst, I am pinging in the red zone of an emotional meltdown, and he is saying absolutely nothing (if there’s one type that can clam up on you, it’s an INTJ! Since we’ve discovered our personality types and used them to better understand ourselves, I don’t take this as personally as I used to.

I had never met someone so much like me, but with more confidence.

I haven’t had this experience in a relationship per se, but I’ve certainly been called anti-social more than once.

I avoid talking on the phone (or, God forbid, Face Time – the horror), shopping anywhere but online, and keeping more than a couple of friends, because all these require far more interaction than I’m interested in having.

I would certainly not argue against these pairings, especially since I haven’t been romantically involved with either type.

But I do believe the INFJ-INTJ relationship is often overlooked due to fear of too much introversion or an emotional mismatch.


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