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Initially conflict was military; later it became economic.But one feature of the conflict was consistent: Europeans and their descendants sought to regulate the Navajo way of life, the lands available to the Navajo, and to a lesser degree, their trade with the outside world.

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All Rights Reserved The exact moment of the arrival of the Navajo people in the Southwest remains the subject of dispute.

The standard view of archeologists and anthropologists suggests that when the Spanish arrived from the south in the 1540s, the Navajo were in the process of migrating into the region from the north.

Oñate sent a force of seventy men, headed by the slain nephew's brother, to exact revenge and show the strength of the Spanish.

In a two-day battle, the Spanish scaled the mesa and burned the Pueblo. Another 500 women and children and seventy or eighty warriors were captured.

But any positive feelings engendered by the initial meeting did not last.

Subsequent events set a far less optimistic tone for Navajo-Spanish relations.

Many of the captives were cut to pieces and thrown from the mesa.

The rest were tried and sentenced to punishments of servitude of various lengths. Two Hopi Indians involved in the revolt had their right hands chopped off and were sent back to their people as an example. In one intense moment, the Navajo and the Spaniards had learned to intensely dislike each other.[6] From then on, Spanish-Navajo relations were strained.


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