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Rhodes set up a fake Facebook account to contact her lover's wife with the message: 'Hi my name is Rob Rhodes, husband of Dawn Rhodes who your husband works with and has been f***ing since Christmas.'Dawn is leaving me for him. The prosecution claimed Rhodes refused to accept his relationship with Dawn was over and repeatedly begged her to come back home even after the divorce petition was issued in late May 2016.

Prosecutor Simon Russell-Flint said: 'His complete denial of the reality of the matrimonial position even when the divorce petition was actually issued, his continual protestations of love and affection, whatever he was saying to her was driving her to the end of her tether.'The combined effect of his actions and words, it had all the potential to explode.'On June 2 last year Dawn and her mother Elizabeth went to Brighton for the day.

Rhodes had discovered his partner of 21 years was seeing another married man when he secretly went through messages on her mobile phone.

He set up a fake Facebook profile to contact the lover and told him: 'Thank you for screwing my wife and my life.'Prosecutors claimed that Rhodes cut his wife's throat from behind in a 'coup de grace' manoeuvre during the final row in the dining room of the house in Earlswood.

With the help of the legendary Tumblr "Old Loves" -- as well as our own deep knowledge of celebrity love triangles and hookups -- we put together some of our favorite famous couples that people totally forget about.

Hannah Bagshawe and Eddie Redmayne have announced the arrival of their baby girl who they’ve name Iris May, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Everyone knows that stars like John Mayer and George Clooney have dated their fair share of different celebs, but for every random celebrity couple that you remember (for better or for worse), there's another pairing that you totally forgot about.

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It's no secret that Hollywood is filled with celebrities that have all dated each other. Check them out in the gallery below: Long before Michael Weatherly became Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on 'NCIS," and Jessica Alba was the founder of the Honest Company, they were engaged to each other after starring on the show "Dark Angel" together.

After all, when there are that many beautiful people in one place, there is bound to be overlap.


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