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With mommy-to-be on board with us, it was decided: to Ice and Beans!!

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The field, which was constructed on reclaimed lagoon, converts into a stagnant pond of water during rainy season.We knew from the beginning that the height would have been insufficient, but there was a contract.The project was completed exactly as what the contract called for.In an official police report, on Saturday, January 17th at approximately PM, San Pedro police on patrol at the corner of Almond and Tarpon Streets noticed a tall male of dark complexion dressed in a white T-shirt and a green short pants was seen standing on Chicken Street and walking around a tank that was in the area.According to police, Jones handed something to a person who had approached him.I am hoping that by the end of this month, we will have stock piled sufficient materials, not only to put Saca Chispas to the height that is needed but we want to get started also with the Ambergris Stadium.To make matters worse for the Saca Chispas Field, already there are signs of vandalism at the facility.Jerry Jeff Walker and Fans Give Back to the Community They are no strangers to the island, and every January we see the migration of music lovers and musicians to San Pedro for the annual sold-out Jerry Jeff Walker (JJW) Camp Belize concerts that are held at Fidos Courtyard.The legendary singer-songwriter and his wife Susan have been island mainstays for close to 20 years, and JJWs affection for the island is more than evident during the concerts he holds over the duration of the two, one-week camps.The Los Angeles flight leaves at am and arrives in Belize at am.Minister Heredia bails out employee found in possession of marijuana A bail application document was leaked to the media in which a sitting member of parliament signed on to bail for a man charged with Drug Possession.


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