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If they're negative, lazy, and low-energy, they won't be a good fit for you.

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I highly encourage everyone to write out their core values. Then you'll truly know what a dealbreaker is and isn't.

I joke that my husband is my own personal financial planner.

Yes, they’re going to change and grow, but in ways that you have no control over.

So if you have an issue with something they believe or a way they behave, it’s going to cause a lot of friction and negativity in your relationship and love life.

He learned about investing in high school when his boss at the time took him under his wing and taught him all about investing and how to be responsible with his money.

He considers that one of the most important lessons of his life.I like to ask my readers questions, but today I need to make a statement to correct a common misconception. I read all day everyday about "dealbreakers" and other such stupid ridiculousness. " I hear woman saying they can only have a man who...looks like The Rock (but hetero), preaches like TD Jakes (without the purple suits), cooks like Emeril (but isn't fat) and balls like Trump (but not a butthole.) Let me let you in on a secret: you can probably get a couple of these in one package, but you'll be hard-pressed to get all-in-one. This addresses your faith, your belief in educational approaches, your politics, what you eat, where you will live, what you'll do for fun. Should you partner with someone who doesn't share your VALUES SYSTEM? In other words, you should be ready and WILLING to compromise EVERYTHING except your VALUES SYSTEM. Now think about this..your spouse prefer you to wear blue lipstick from time to time? I call it ridiculousness because I've seen stuff listed such as nap-taking, height and aversion to eating soul-food listed as freaking dealbreakers. The #1 thing you should be looking for in a mate is someone with a SHARED VALUES SYSTEM. Let me make another example: Does your values system REQUIRE you to wear red lipstick? Here's what you absolutely won’t tolerate in a love relationship.Aries absolutely can't stand someone who is a stick in the mud and never wants to do anything.I polled my own friends on Facebook and they got a little more specific, pointing out that it comes down to the type of debt a potential love interest has accumulated. It's other debt that shows a possible lack of responsibility and possibly not seeking to be wise with the Lord's provisions," one person responded. An overwhelming 64 percent said they were more concerned with their generosity."It depends on what they are paying for with their debt. As the one in the relationship who is carrying the debt, I can confirm that a lot of thought went into the conversation I had with my now husband about what debt I had and how I got it. I had a spreadsheet with totals, interest rates and expected payoff dates.It’s good to know where you draw the line and what characteristics in others that you can’t live with.Astrology can help give you some insight on your relationship dealbreakers, things that will cause you to question if you want to continue with a person. No relationship is ever completely easy or perfect.We all have relationship dealbreakers (things we can’t tolerate) that have the power to end a relationship or prevent it from happening in the first place.


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