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Could there be another Taylor Swift boyfriend for 2017 that we don’t know about?

Swift’s dating life didn’t end so well last year and she was romantically linked to not just one, but two men, giving fans hope that she had truly found “the one.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case for the “Bad Blood” singer.

It outlines what is acceptable, or not acceptable – what’s appropriate, or not appropriate in terms of workplace relationships. And the sooner you do that as a small business as you continue to grow the better. Because once you lay that foundation – just like with any other policy or workplace rule, once that policy is in place it is much easier for employees to adapt to it from the beginning as opposed to having to backtrack and implement this kind of policy after the fact when things could already be going on.

Being as proactive as possible is usually a step in the right direction.

Paige Van Zant doesn't seem to be afraid of anything ...

except when it comes to confirming that she's OFFICIALLY dating a fellow UFC fighter -- though it's pretty obvious it's on and crackin'.Case in point from the Harvard Business Review is the case of Elizabeth and Brad ( Does having a dating policy mean that relationships won’t happen in the workplace? If someone is not serious about the relationship, it’s almost a guarantee that the relationship will fizzle under uncertainty of its legitimacy if one party is unwilling to disclose it to management. These scenarios can go much, including not only sexual harassment, but workplace violence or violence as a result of a workplace affair gone wrong. Are you certain your other policies are protecting you and your employees appropriately?If you are unsure, stop wondering and schedule your Company Policy Review. and she made him her "Man Crush Monday" just two weeks ago.Check out the clip -- Paige gets all adorably flustered when we mention Cody's name ... And an equally hot mess if you don’t have some type of policy in place around fraternization. The rumors of “who’s dating who” in the workplace can be a hot topic.We need to see it to believe it in this case, because this rumor is older than dirt!Sheeran has popped up on the Taylor Swift dating timeline more than once and the answer is always the same: They are just friends! I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, ‘How the f–k did that happen?Clearly, that can be uncomfortable for many to deal with. It will also address what employees need to do in the event they do engage in an workplace relationship.Does that include reporting it only, resigning from the position or something else?


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