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“Some woman, who is named in the book, was kidnapped, had her hair saved and red lead poured all over her body.

I’ve heard about Ora Ruggles for several months now, in introductory OT textbooks.

Former senator Máiría Cahill has described Martin Mc Guinness’s response to her going public on allegations of rape as “disgraceful”.

Ms Cahill, who was from a well-known Republican family in Belfast, went public in October 2014 to state that she had been repeatedly raped as a teenager by a member of the Provisional IRA.

It turns out Ora was a tomboy who had a rough life.

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Her father died of sugar diabetes, her mother had a stroke that left her hemiplegic for a long time. Ora ended up becoming an incredible reconstruction aide working in various asylums and institutions in different parts of the US.

————–So I totally recommend this book, and wish it would STOP being out of print because I think it should be required reading in every OT school across the nation!

One of my long-term goals is to eventually own this book.

🙂 What books do you all recommend to all future OTs??????

Sometimes in life you do great things, and other times in life, you're born into great things. From a young age, I understood the value and importance of honor and duty, honoring your friends and family, and the duty you have to yourself and the ones you love.


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