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Cole (Boston 1912) founded Alpha Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Boston University.As an incoming law student at the university, it was Cole’s dream to start a college fraternity from the very beginning.Many of the public meanings of the symbols on the coat of arms are explained during the Associate Member Ceremony, and therefore, the coat of arms may be used and worn by all members, including associate members.

Symbolizing everlasting growth, the cross & crescent demonstrates every member’s continual pursuit of Christian values.

The Lambda Chi Alpha creed best describes this imagery: “The crescent is our symbol – pure, high, ever growing and the cross is our guide– denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.” Warren A.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Law degree, Cole set out to build Lambda Chi Alpha into an international fraternity and served as the first Grand High Alpha, or chairman, until December 1919.

He also served as the administrative secretary and editor of the Purple, Green, and Gold magazine. The fraternity’s name, Lambda Chi Alpha, is written and recorded for first time in Alpha Zeta minutes and the first Zeta roll, which served as the official membership records for all chapters. The first version of a ritualistic Initiation is held. Fischer (Cornell 1910) is elected the second Grand High Alpha at Ann Arbor General Assembly.

The associate member pin has had a most interesting history because it embodies the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu, as well as the original pin of Lambda Chi Alpha.

The original Lambda Chi Alpha pin was a Gothic arch, but with the union of the two fraternities, this was superimposed upon the triangles composing the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu.The meaning of the badge, of course, cannot be discussed here.It is an evidence of membership for an individual and should be used only for that purpose except as specifically authorized in the laws of the Fraternity, for example, when presented, usually in the medium or miniature size, to one’s mother, wife, sister, or fiancée.In written work, it is preferred to either spell out Lambda Chi Alpha or use the English abbreviation LCA.Greek letters are a graphical representation used primarily on logos, letterhead and T-shirts. Then cities, societies, and institutions adopted them.First petition for a charter is filed by a group of students at Massachusetts Agricultural College, known today as the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. The First General Assembly was held in Boston, which established the governance of the organization and adopted general and expansion policies for the Fraternity. First petition for a charter is approved and the group of students at Massachusetts Agricultural College becomes the second installed chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. The Second General Assembly is held in Boston, where membership restrictions were adopted; moral clauses were incorporated in the Constitution; pledge instructionwas first considered; Board of Publications was established, and the foundation was laid for a new initiation ritual — unable to attend, John “Jack” Mason (Pennsylvania 1913) stayed up all night and wrote a seven-page, handwritten letter about his vision of what the ideals and principles of Lambda Chi Alpha should be and how they should be expressed. Mason is known as the spiritual founder and the chief architect of the Initiation Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha. Fischer was instrumental in the establishment of the general endowment fund which would prove to be critical to Lambda Chi Alpha during the Great Depression. Cole resigned from Lambda Chi Alpha shortly after the meeting. Bruce Mc Intosh (De Pauw 1916) is appointed the first full-time administrative secretary of Lambda Chi Alpha, known today as the chief executive officer, and was operating the central office out of Fischer’s home in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Lambda Chi Alphabecomes an international fraternity with the installation of Epsilon- Epsilon Zeta at the University of Toronto in Canada. Mc Intosh becomes president of the Fraternity Executives Association.This historic letter was read to the assembled body and was significant in the adoption of a new initiation ritual for the young fraternity. Bruce was instrumental in the merger with Theta Kappa Nu Fraternity. The practice of hazing is openly condemned by Bruce Mc Intosh at an NIC meeting. The Purple, Green, and Gold magazine changes its name to the Cross & Crescent magazine. A central figure in its founding, he is the only one to have served two terms as its head. Established in 1933, the Order of Merit inducts its first members at the General Assembly.We support and nurture the Brotherhood for a Lifetime experience. The Greek letters Lambda, Chi, and Alpha represent the name of the, grants of money and property and to administer the same for charitable, educational, scientific, and philanthropic uses.Specifically, the objectives of the Foundation are to provide assistance to Purdue University students through the granting of scholarships and loans, and to provide funds for the advancement of cultural, leadership, and general educational activities through grants to the Purdue Chapter of Farm House Fraternity.


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