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If you’re selective with what you share online, you’re less likely to have something that might fuck things up ☺You say less, but you actually have things to say.Your evenings spent alone reading or just thinking about what you experience makes you a more interesting conversationalist, when you finally open your mouth.If noise in a club makes you anxious, it doesn’t matter how many girls there are to attract, you’ll look like a scared child. It’ll be easier to expand your social circle with people who share your passion.

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You like spending time on your own and you’re selective with who you interact.

Your time’s too valuable for others to waste on nonsense.

Writing a blog helped me learn how to express my emotions.

It took a lot of practice and hard work becoming more social around girls. It’s a process of enriching your personality and takes place with many small steps.

Work on expanding your horizons and trying new things to become an even more interesting person.

Women’s rights and changing dating attitudes favor introverted men.Plus, girls are less judgmental towards guys who meet them in quiet places rather than a smoky bar or a club. It’s a club of regular people who come together 1-4 times a month to practice public speaking.The topic of your speech is totally up to you and the people in the clubs are very nice and polite, so if you have stage fright, you can be sure there won’t be any harsh feedback, because everyone’s there for the same reason.Let me tell you how to use your assets and attract women without changing your personality type.Introverts don’t like large groups, noisy places or pointless small talk. Don’t force yourself to hang out in these kinds of places. Go take some classes where people draw together in a large group.It won’t work out because you won’t be relaxed, confident or open to meeting new people. You can meet a girl in a coffee shop, library or at the gym! If she smiles back, look for an opportunity to talk to her. You’ll meet girls with the same sensibilities as you.If she chooses to meet you somewhere you like, it shows that you share some interests. You should definitely consider joining Toastmasters (there’s a club in almost every city).Before I give tips on how you as an introvert can improve your dating skills, I’d like to make you aware of the huge advantages you have attracting girls.You may want someone’s company but you feel good enough in your own skin that you don’t actually NEED it.A guy who isn’t overly active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media platforms appears more mysterious.Girls like a challenge and discovering more about a man step by step.


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