Dating the divorced man with kids

He then told me that with his son's hockey schedule, the earliest he could get to New York was April, and he'd decided that his visit — and dating me — wasn't going to work after all.

The other one I'd already been on several dates with when we went out the first weekend in May.

And the idea of being a stepmom someday keeps that door open.

But for all the pluses, there are some very real downsides of dating divorced dads.

Trying to be mindful of his custody arrangement, I asked if he could get together again in two weeks.

He said he was busy, and when I asked when he'd be available he said after Memorial Day, which would have made it at least a month between dates.If you're single and dating, once you hit your mid-30s you start to notice more and more divorced dads on Tinder, Ok Cupid, and IRL.By 40, what was once few and far between is now your main dating demographic.They know how to buy a car, stock a fridge, and what it's like to be an adult.And dating one can feel like I get to play grown-up in their presence, too, like maybe their adultness will rub off on me."While some women may consider it a liability, being a divorced dad is a big plus for me.All things being equal, I prefer a divorced dad to someone who's never been married any day.As someone who's had my share of difficulties, I relate best to people who've had some struggles in their lives and grappled with deeper issues.Divorced dads also seem grown-up in a way that I don't quite feel I am yet.With a man who's been married before, you know that he can commit, says Eris Huemer, cofounder of Divorce Doctor, a company that provides counseling for people going through divorces.Divorced men also know the ups and downs that come with long-term involvement.


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