Dating sites for silicon valley geeks

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If you want to have a serious husband with a suit on, go marry a biz dev guy."The biggest challenge in the Silicon Valley dating game may lie in the personalities that dominate the field.

Samara Trilling, who entered Columbia University as a Political Science major and graduated with a Computer Science degree, said that young women discount computer science and engineering as a potential field of study because they think it’s too hard or that they won’t like it.

She credits a few key mentors and sponsors in her career for believing in her and pulling her up to senior positions.

She also credits her time at the Women’s Startup Lab (WSL), an accelerator program for female founders, with providing her a network of other entrepreneurs, mentors and investors who have helped her navigate the startup world.

“People (often girls) think that if they don’t get something immediately, computer science is not for them, and they’re not cut out for it,” Trilling explained.

“This is the biggest misconception in the tech world.


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