Dating sites for larger ladies

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First, regardless of personal preferences, if a guy's penis is too big for his partner's orifices then intercourse will be awkward, physically painful, or even outright impossible.

Second, it assumes that intercourse is all there is to sex, thereby demonstrating certain failures of knowledge and imagination.

Cause it was cool, & that was HIP-HOP.) From 50 Cents to Nelly to Will Smith to Queen Latifah to Spike Lee anybody that was there would agree Flav was our Bill O Riley, our Red Hot Chili Peppers, our Beatles, our Bono, all rolled into 1. Back then being a female in Hip-Hop was respectable & the B-Girls/ladys got they're respect, (without shaking what they're Momma gave them or backing anything up, although they did have they're sexier dances they were usually just more feminine versions of the same dances the guys were doing.) From Mc Lyte, to Roxanne Shante, Monie Love, Lady Antoinette, Yo-Yo & IBWC to Conscious Daughters or Isis etc.

The girls back then would be pretty or even sexy but they were completely covered up in clothes almost just like dudes, but flyer.

A heroic character, when his penis is mentioned (which isn't all that often, except by innuendo), will usually have a big one.

Consequently, this is also the reason why villainous or loser characters are portrayed as having a small penis, or a small something else meant to represent a penis.

Most women are unable to climax solely from vaginal stimulation and excessive length may prevent them from receiving the additional vulval and clitoral stimulation they need.

Third, truly extraordinary size can make it difficult or even impossible to sustain erection due to blood-flow complications making any degree of performance impossible.

Flavor is a Hip-Hop icon, & even if you didn't grow up on his music, hes still 1 of the coolest guys thats ever been on VH1.

If you never heard Flav back in 1986 or 87, or you weren't around yet, or (worst case scenario) basically were still listening to Debbie Gibson or New kids On The Block...


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