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As the land was already communally owned, the land cost was stripped out of the equation, working instead with a papakainga model.

In one room were piles of shackles, handcuffs and whips.

There were administrative offices too, crammed with filing cabinets in which the details of each inmate, a mug- shot photograph and his (or her) interrogation and confession were stored.

Traditionally, the literal meaning of papakainga housing is, "a nurturing place to return to".

"We don't own the land but we live together on the land," Fox said."We don't have to own our own square space."Those living on the land would care for, and develop the land.

The first build would include 3000 homes, with an ultimate goal of constructing 60,000 homes.

The houses would be built to a higher standard, which would mean warmer, drier homes, that were environmentally friendly and didn't ruin the land they sat on.The building cost of homes range between 00 and 00 a square metre, depending on the type of home.Fox said these eco-friendly houses would come in about 00 a square metre.Ousted Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox is turning her sights to tackling homelessness and housing affordability issues.Fox, whose party did not return to Parliament after receiving a disastrous 1.1 per cent of the vote and no electorate seats, is working with a company to build environmentally friendly, sustainable homes.More was expected to be revealed around the end of the month.Fox said this project was a silver lining to her party's devastating election defeat.The dictator responsible for all this was never brought to justice, nor in the 30 years since their overthrow were any others from the close clique of murderous fanatics who surrounded 'Comrade Number One', as he insisted on being called. This week in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh, the first of Pol Pot's henchmen went on trial before a United Nations court for crimes against humanity, murder and torture.It will take three months to hear the evidence against 66-year-old Kaing Guek Eav.Dressed in a white shirt, this seemingly mild-mannered old man, a former maths teacher, bowed politely to the redrobed judges and acknowledged that he understood the 45 pages of charges against him.It was a courtesy he never extended to the thousands of victims who arrived in the dead of night at the secret police interrogation centre he was in charge of three decades ago.


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