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795 Rice, Edward, Eastern Definitions: A Short Encyclopedia of Religions of the Orient, Garden City, New York, Doubleday, 1978, pp.

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They, as obvious now, were a bit apprehensive to write the actual history.

The British had to improve their economy during that period and it would not have been possible without utilizing the resources of India.

The origins of the work are thought to date back to about 800 BC and before the Buddhist period because Rama is not mentioned in late Vedic literature, such as the Brahmanas, but does appear in various Buddhist works.

Ballads about Rama were widely song by Valmiki’s times, especially in the courts of northern and eastern India.

Our past shows rich diversity of culture, values, penance and socialism.

The western influence on our history is such that we never even tried to dig our past and find our roots.

In one of his speeches, the present National Security Advisor, Shri Ajit Doval said that history favours only the powerful. It never goes with those who are true but less powerful. Our history was written when the English were ruling India.

It was presented in a way they wanted it to be presented.

Also, India was a soft target for them because of lack of a strong kingdom to counter them during that era.

At that time, had they accepted that India is home to such an ancient civilization and rich cultural history, a sense of pride and self esteem would have aroused in Indian souls and that would not have been good for the British Empire.


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