Dating postcard stamp boxes

What people wrote on the back of the card can also provide useful information...

This page created 25th March 2008, last modified 25th March 2008 The text says... Looking North in Seventh Street from Wabash Avenue; showing Government Building, Grand Opera House, and Rose Dispensary.

The largest county fair in the Wabash Valley held annually at the Vigo county Fair Grounds, south of Terre Haute, Indiana, on U.

, but designed to be mailed and have letters written on the back.

From March 1, 1907, manufacturers were allowed to use a divided back, the right side panel was for the address and the left side for writing messages. Sprint Car races at the famous Terre Haute action Track.

So, with a little detective work this card can be dated to somewhere between 19. Hurtibise [sic] will be trying for this 6th straight win. This was Leonards [the addressee] gift for Father's Day Ate at Spagetti [sic] Place in Clinton Using a bit of detective work this card can be dated fairly accurately... He is the chairman of the board of Terre Haute-based First Financial Corporation, a major sponsor of local short-track racing in Indiana.

The address was to be written on the right side and the left side was for writing messages. The early images were ‘full bleed,’ meaning that they went all the way to the edge of the card.

White borders were popularly introduced in around 1915.

It was demolished in 1960 and the site used by Terre Haute House as a parking lot.

From the dates of the buildings, the photograph used for the postcard must have been taken between 1898, when the Grand Opera house was opened, and 1932, when the old Post Office was demolished.


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