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Filled with embassies, upscale restaurants, night clubs and hotels.

Zona Rosa Also known to tourists as the Reforma district because it embraces Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, it is an important business and entertainment district. Condesa and Roma Recently reborn after decades of oblivion, and brimming with the city's trendiest restaurants, bistros, clubs, pubs and shops.

There is an enormous selection of venues: clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and variations and combinations thereof to choose from.

There is incredible variation, from ultramodern lounges in Santa Fe and Reforma, to centuries-old dance halls in Centro and Roma.

It contains the UNAM Ciudad Universitaria campus and the San Angel ecological reserve.

The greater Mexico City metropolitan area is one of the world's largest and the largest city in North America, with a 20.1 million people living in the metropolitan area as of the 2010 census.It is situated in the Valley of Mexico and shaped roughly like an oval of about 60 km by 40 km with large parts of it built on the dry bed of Lake Texcoco, and surrounded on three sides by tall mountains and volcanoes such as the Ajusco, the Popocatepetl and the Iztaccihuatl.Mexico City proper (with an estimated population of between 8 and 9 million) is since 2016 a Mexican state which also acts as its capital.In the more expensive places, people might leave for Acapulco or vacations farther afield during the summer and long weekends.Mexican weekends, in the sense of when it is common to go out drinking, are Thursday night to Sunday morning and sometimes throughout Sunday.Mexico City is divided up into 16 boroughs similar to those in New York, which in turn are divided into "colonias" (neighborhoods), of which there are about 2150.Knowing what colonia you're going to is essential to getting around, and almost all locals will know where the main colonias are (there are some colonias with duplicate or very similar names).Salaries are usually paid twice per month: the 30th/31st-1st and the 14th-15th.On or soon after these dates is when most Mexicans will go out, especially if payday coincides with a weekend.Lomas de Chapultepec is the wealthiest district in the city nearby Chapultepec, and is filled with walled off mansions.Polanco A wealthy residential area in Mission (colonial) style containing some of the most expensive designer boutique stores in the city.


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