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Good Enough.’ ” Yes, from “You go, girl” to “You settle, girl,” the author of the new “Marry Him” tome, unmarried 42-year-old Lori Gottlieb, says, “So many of these are empowerment books: ‘You’re so fabulous.’ My book is saying, ‘Look, I am the ghost of what you could become if you don’t change your approach.’ It’s like a dating public-service announcement.” Indeed, the more you know . The book: “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr.

She was #10 on the list of the 25 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time, and has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Talk Show Hosts nine times. Joy can frequently be seen on television as a guest on shows such as CBS’ The Early Show, Oprah Winfrey and Larry King Live. Joy has authored: It’s A Jungle Out There Jane, Dating for Dummies, The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life, and Getting Unstuck. Browne gives real world advice based on real worldexperience.

Dating For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes advice for special dating situations such as long-distance relationships, office romances, single parents, senior citizens, and more. She matter of factly gives step by step instructions that can be done by people who are not familiar or experienced with the dating process. Joy Browne has won numerous awards, including back-to-back female “Talk Show Host of the Year”; was nominated for the Marconi award for best talk show host; was named one of USA Today ’s 10 most influential broadcasters; and is a member of Vanity Fair ’s Radio Hall of Fame.

Then there are other ones that are down-to-earth and realistic tough love. The book: “Why He Didn’t Call You Back,” Rachel Greenwald Critical passage: When Greenwald asked one of her male research subjects how he decides whether to ask for a second date, he replied, “I guess I ask myself, ‘Is she someone who will make my life more enjoyable or more difficult? “Everything on a first date becomes a metaphor.” So don’t be “The Boss Lady” who you’d rather hire than date. The book: “How to Shop for a Husband,” Janice Lieberman Critical passage: “Dating on the Web is no longer considered slightly unsavory, and it is certainly no longer a newfangled trend . As a result, all of his inner bad qualities will make you feel unhappy, insecure, unsafe just plain frazzled.” The message being?

There’s even one coming out called ‘Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. “I used to look at a cute, funny, charismatic guy and think: ‘Yum, Yum!

“My feeling is that most of them are really the same,” reveals Sarah Gold, senior reviews editor at Publishers Weekly. The book: “Prince Harming Syndrome,” Karen Salmansohn Critical passage: “Do you really prefer to place a higher value on a guy’s superficial aspects (his sexiness, funniness, smartness, wealthiness)?

“There’s so many that are just kind of a positivistic, ‘feel good about yourself and the world and good things will happen to you’ vibe. Americans are estimated to spend around half-a-billion dollars a year on Internet dating.” The message being? If so, then there is a big danger you will wind up involved with a guy who’s rude, angry, dishonest, disloyal, hurtful, selfish!

Dating After 50 For Dummies covers the gamut of topics for those dating after 50: the physical and emotional benefits of sex and relationships as we age; dating confidence boosters; dating site options (and signing up for the first trial); safety concerns when dating; fun and different dating ideas; how to introduce a new partner to your children; and much more.

Right — after 50 Almost everyone associates falling in love with their younger years, but as the boomer generation ages, more and more people over 50 are jumping back into the dating scene for the first time (in a long time) and need advice and guidance on how the dating world (and ways to find a soul mate) have changed since they last tested the water.

No, it’s not because you’re the nerd of the universe and everybody else is way cool.

It’s because the way people date — their expectations and assumptions and goals — have changed with the times.


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