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Every year thousands upon thousands of anglers all around the world spend millions searching for a new world record.South African waters have huge populations of carp, so the opportunities are endless.

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Freshwater fish in South Africa with a mass of at least 0,453kg (1 lb) that qualify for this category include Laregemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Carp, Sharptooth Catfish, Tigerfish, Brown and Rainbow Trout.Our Blue Kurper, for example, can register an All Tackle world record but not a Line Class one.But for the carp, both Line Class and All Tackle records may be claimed.There are 170 species of game fish that earned world record status , from giant bluefin tuna to brown trout, suspended above with all the relevant information concerning these catches.The largest mount is a great white shark of 1 208 kgs caught by Australian Alfred Dean in 1959.Line Class: In South Africa this fine sportfish is commonly called the "barbel".It was added to the Line Class category only in 1999, so there are many records just waiting to be caught.IGFA was founded in 1939 by such luminaries as Michael Lerner and Ernest Hemingway to establish ethical international angling regulations and to serve as the central processing centre for world record catches.In the early seventies it expanded its objectives to work at all levels of government and industry for the conservation of fishes and their natural habitats. It houses the world’s largest collection of sportfishing information, exhibits, educational classes, fishing demonstrations, interactive displays and virtual reality fishing.Your catch is automatically entered into IGFA’s Annual Fishing Contest.The two freshwater fish in South Africa that qualify for IGFA line class world records, and that are fished for most, are carp and barbel. So, just like many thousands of South Africans, you are a carp angler.


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