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At this time, the organisation was known in Whitehall by a variety of titles including the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Secret Service, MI1(c), the Special Intelligence Service and even C's organisation.Around 1920, it began increasingly to be referred to as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), a title that it has continued to use to the present day and which was enshrined in statute in the Intelligence Services Act 1994.In August 1919, Cumming created the new passport control department, providing diplomatic cover for agents abroad.

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Examples include a thwarted operation to overthrow the Bolshevik government as well as more orthodox espionage efforts within early Soviet Russia headed by Captain George Hill.

Smith-Cumming died suddenly at his home on 14 June 1923, shortly before he was due to retire, and was replaced as C by Admiral Sir Hugh "Quex" Sinclair.

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The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6, is the foreign intelligence service of the government of the United Kingdom, tasked mainly with the covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence (HUMINT) in support of the UK's national security.

SIS is a member of the country's intelligence community and its Chief is accountable to the country's Foreign Secretary.

Most of its results came from military and commercial intelligence collected through networks in neutral countries, occupied territories, and Russia.

After the war, resources were significantly reduced but during the 1920s, SIS established a close operational relationship with the diplomatic service.


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