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You have to be like the carrot dangling at the end of the stick. Keep her always chasing you until you are in your apartment, then make out with her and go as far as you want.Foster the illusion that she will never get you, and then act like "it just happened." Tell her "hey, we're just friends." When you show her proof that you hang out with lots of hot women, she will inevitably let it slip that she wants to be a part of it. That way "it just happened." Focus on the one you want and you will fail.It's not exactly the one I wanted, but hey, it's a start." Talking about the cool people you know or events you attended is a huge display of your positive qualities for a lot of women.

And men, in the midst of the chase, love experiencing the different nuances that each snowflake has to offer.

The allure of each different snowflake is a pull that some men just cant shake.

“Rarely in arts or entertainment do we ever see what happens after the credits roll, or how they sustain a meaningful connection year after year,” Jacobs says.

“A healthy, sustainable relationship would not make a good reality TV show, society does little to reinforce and validate working together on a connection when thing are difficult.” Where is the incentive to settle when you’re not even sure what you’re getting when you do.

You think "it's cool but I could do better." That's you when you're drooling over a hot woman. I don't care if this woman is your first date ever. For the longest time I killed myself trying to figure out what "talking about stuff that's cooler than her" did.

She wants you to see her how she sees herself: a person with lots of faults, lots of insecurities, lots of room for improvement, and who is nowhere near perfect. If you communicate the fact that if she doesn't go out with you, other women will, she will be the first one lined up with all of her make-up. Imagine you're starving in the desert, and there's a guy with one juicy burger, but he has to choose between you and another five people whom to give that burger. Women know a lot of this, especially the hottest ones. Tell a story about how you just met the craziest three German women ever, and how you went to the movies and got kicked out because you were all laughing so hard. What I realized is that this means talking about cooler people and events than her.

The uncertainty of what love even is and why it seems to be mandated is a question that more and more men are asking themselves.

It’s natural to lust for someone else, but because discussing our lustful desires for others with our partners is uncomfortable and taboo, they remain silent, and secrets leads couples to internalize insecurities that linger past the honeymoon phase.

If you want a specific woman real badly, you won't get her. Maybe it's because nature has a cruel sense of humor, but the important thing is that this is nature, and that is a rule.

We're going to look at how to make her chase you in this article. For me, this is part of what creates the Zen of meeting women.


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