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To boost your confidence and send the first spark out with a bang, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to pick-up lines to turn your first glance into something special.Women’s Turn-Offs Revealed Every woman is unique, so it’s important to do your homework ahead of your date. Should you offer to foot the bill, hold the door, or arrive with flowers?

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Well, you are in luck, because I am that guy and this is that article.

You must forget everything you’ve been told before and be ready to think outside the box.

Don’t hold back as there must be some women out there somewhere in the world who go for the overly-and-depressingly-desperate look in a big way.

Just don’t be sort of desperate as that is weak and it sends the signal that you can’t even do desperation well.4) Confidence!

— Even if you’ve been dumped or rejected countless times in a row (many for good, sound reasons) and you feel like a squished bug whom no one in their right mind would date, you must summon up confidence from somewhere inside you when on a date.

Now, I know what you are thinking, but the answer isn’t drugs and alcohol or prescription medication, or at least that’s not the sole answer.

How to tell if you’ve messed up a first date If your nerves got the better of you or you weren’t quite on form for your first date, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to spell dating disaster!

We’ve listed some worst case dating scenarios you may be able to relate to in our how to tell if you’ve messed up a first date section, and have provided some great ideas to help turn a bad date around.

If she doesn’t run away screaming or threatening to sue, then you know she’s the one.3) Look Desperate!

— We’ve all heard that women can smell desperation a mile away and I’m like “They can? Please, oh please, make her not a bear, this time.” But, where others would advise you to not look desperate, I suggest going the other way entirely and aiming to come across as completely desperate as you possibly can down to your tone of voice and choice of sweaters.


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