Dating a croatian man

Ignore the sun, and alway, always be wearing shoes and socks.

I am not making this up, and this is not just the crazy rules of my husbands side of the family. Take a peek at what some of my readers had to say in response to my facebook rant.

As women, you’ll never be asked to lift something heavy or do any ‘man’s work.’ I like that.

On the flip side, it also means you’ll never see a man doing the dishes.

Don’t use any curses that relate to God, Jesus or Mary unless you really need to. My mother-in-law was very lax with this rule in Australia, which left me very unprepared for living in Croatia, where the irrational fear of wind is at epic proportions.

Their wet hair detectors will go off, an alarm will sound, and they’ll rush over to you begging (or barking) for you to return to the safety of the indoors before you get pneumonia and die a frozen death. Now that you’ve got dry hair, you can meet your Croatian friends for lunch. So on a day when the Bura blows, you must be dressed accordingly. When dining with (some) Croatians, you will need to wait for just a second to see if anyone will be saying a little pre-meal prayer. I know you want three cabbage rolls, but if you take three, you’ll be forced to eat four – maybe even five. Croatian hospitality requires the host to ensure that you are completely FULL and happy when having a meal at a friend or relatives house. Then your responsibility in return is not to decline… Take a small serving the first go, thus allowing plenty of wiggle room in your jeans for that second helping that you will be required to consume.

You’ve had a shower, you get dressed, and then you realize the time. You grab your keys and head out the door, But wait….is watching you? We did guide to swearing like a Croatian part one & even worse swearing part two – you can go and read those later to catch up. Now, I figure that she must have relaxed her approach to pestering about the propuh, because she came to her senses, and now knows that having two windows open at the same time in the bus, car or house creates a lovely fresh breeze, allowing one to breathe and it’s not a death trap.

You have wet hair, which means you can’t leave the house if you’re within 50 meters of your Croatian Aunt, Uncle, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, neighbor – hell you can’t leave the house with wet hair if your Croatian dog is watching. d I guarantee, if you leave the house with wet hair, that Croatian relative, friend, acquaintance even a stranger who is walking the dog will intervene. No, you can’t ask, you must just go back indoors, and whip out that hair dryer. I live in Dalmatia, where there is a wind known as the Bura, a powerful north-easterly wind that is so strong that when it blows will clear the sky of any clouds, and also uproots giant trees. You’d be hard-pressed to find any Croatian family where there is not an emphasis on family, friends, and food. Offering drinks, pre-meal snacks, a meal, a second helping, even third helping, cake, coffee, and then more drink to your guests is a must. To avoid being rude (or in some cases being nagged) here is what I suggest you do.

Crazy winds and being forced to eat more food than I really need, are just two of the reasons I heart Croatia!

Have you ever experienced any unusual ‘rules’ in a country you’ve visited or lived in?


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