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Neither situation serves the child’s need for time to adjust to family changes.I'd sooner believe Crystal Castles sampled him, given that their song was released after and they are just as notorious about stealing music (and T-shirts!) from lesser known artists as he is, but it's more likely they each used the same loop from someone else.this is what teaming up with 2006-2007 timbaland gets you. Throw in his co-worker Justin Timberlake and you've already got one of fiddy's best for 50 himself; his flow is actually really good plus his lyrics aren't too bad.Are you emotionally comfortable and ready to move on?Did you learn the lessons you need to learn so you don’t repeat past mistakes?Interestingly, they don't show the woman tryin to get out of the Elise. Lewis R (talk) , 18 June 2008 (UTC) I didn't get to explain my edit other than entering "That'" because I accidently hit enter.I meant to say that that is your opinion, your edits are vandalism, the template exists for a reason (it might be deleted, but until then, it can stay), I can just say there's no need for the infobox, it shouldn't be there.All I changed was the deal at the very top of the page, changing it from "the song is about a man who is tired of using technology" to "the song is about a man who is tired or pornography, instead preferring the real thing" (or something similar.I forget the exact wording but that's close enough). Given the original title (Ayo Pornography) and taking the video into context, I figured it was rather obvious that that was what the song was about.


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