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When one goes to print the document, Word will update all of these cross-references to update the numbering.

*************** There are three main steps in this procedure — updating the table and figure caption numbering, then updating any cross-references that refer to these tables (including any List of Tables of List of Figures you’ve inserted).

When finished, all your cross-references should now reflect the new numbering sequences.

The “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word can be very useful, but sometimes it can produce unwanted results.

By turning on “Track Changes”, Word will highlight changes to your document as you make them.

Prerequisites: This set of steps ONLY works if you use automated outline numbering for your heading styles.

This post does not describe how to set that up (instead see the links in this post:

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With a Word 2010 doc I've been inserting a lot of cross-references to Headings and choosing the option to display the Heading Text.

Here is an example below: The problem occurs when you have “cross-references” (or more accurately, “fields”) such as figure numbers or chapter numbers.

When these fields are updated (such as when printing or when performing Ctrl-A/F9) they appear as if they were deleted and re-added.


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