Correctly dating a buescher alto sax

The Bundy line of musical instruments owe their name to a Selmer employee by the name of George Bundy, who in 1918, had taken over the Selmer USA business when Alexandre Selmer returned to Paris.In around 1930, Bundy began marketing a subsidiary brand of Selmer USA instruments under his own name.

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Professional horns are at the top of the line with all the bells and whistles- high f#, rolled tone holes, engravings, silver/black nickel plating, etc. There are a lot of Buescher saxophones on the market. Here’s a conversation I had about saxophone brands, much of it applies to everyone looking for a saxophone.

Most companies make saxophones for musicians at different stages. Ricardo Hi , I’m about to get a new saxophone and I want to know about different brands to considder.

There is someone selling one in our town used and he said it is a Selmer Bundy (he had bought it for his grandson who never played it much) he couldn’t find a II anywhere on it. The body design was the same as the famous BUESCHER TRUTONE saxes, which were patented in 1914, and were so fine that Sigurd Rascher, the world’s finest player always used one.

Is there any difference between a Selmer Bundy and a Selmer Bundy II? I am interested in your question because I was the Chief Woodwind Technician and Designer for the SELMER Co and did the designing of the BUNDY II saxes. There certainly was no way of improving on that, so my attention was focused on variations in the mechanism, especially on the reshaping and location of the table keys for the left hand little finger.

A bit of history—-for many years previous, the BUNDY saxes had been made by the BUESCHER Company in Elkhart, Indiana, the home also for H. There were a few other minor changes made, but they were not what contributed to the sudden spurt in sales we enjoyed.

The regular BUNDY had been by far the most purchased student model for years, but the first year of the BUNDY II saw a 38% further increase in sales….

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Certain ones will suit your taste more than others. Before buying a completely new horn though, try getting a new mouthpiece, ligature, and/or reeds. A few of the brands no longer manufacture saxophones, Buescher for example, but you can buy their horns second hand. They will cost less, but also have less special features like a high f# key or rolled tone holes. Cannonball– Designed in the US and manufactured in Taiwan. Jupiter– My first sax/clarinet teacher had a Jupiter. I have a Jupiter Alto and it has a pretty good sound, better than you would expect for the price. That means they’ll be harder to play than a student model horn. Go and try out some different saxophones when you’re looking to buy one. Remember though that not all saxophones, even of the same brand are identical.

Intermediate and advanced horns will be a bit higher end and advanced are rather close to professional. I’ve played the beginning and intermediate models and they have a decent sound. I think Yamaha saxophones can be very good and also can be more affordable than some other brands. Martin An older brand that made some good saxophones. These days I play both a Buescher tenor and a Buescher alto. So try out a few and bring a friend, preferably a musician, to listen.


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