Common dating pitfalls

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Alison wants to set the wedding date for a year from now so that she can establish herself at the law firm she just joined. So that she'll have a solid career in case Greg leaves her in the distant future. This means that Alison is walking into marriage with a certain degree of hesitance. Today's divorce rates are so high that it seems to make sense to for her to take care of herself.

You've thought things out well, but when you confide again in that friend/relative, they disagree with your decision and try to convince you to continue the relationship. It's not fair - not to yourself, and not to the person you're dating. This time, you decide that you're not going to tell anybody about the person you're dating until the fifth date at least.

Many online daters who have had negative experiences (46 percent) simply choose to ignore them.

However, of those who take action, many choose to block messages (36 percent) or stop using the dating website or application altogether (35 percent).

“Online dating can be a fantastic service for those seeking a relationship, but large online communities also make them an attractive target for scammers,” said Melissa Dempsey, Senior Director, Norton Business Unit, Asia Pacific and Japan, Symantec.

“With the popularity of online dating services on the rise in Australia, Valentine’s Day has become more appealing for scammers looking to cash in on people searching for that special someone.” “While many do find love online, those who are victims of fake scams and false identities are often left with financial damage and emotional distress,” added Dempsey.


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