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While it’s commendable to remain faithful to your church even in seasons where you “feel like you’re not getting anything out of it,” that doesn’t mean there are never any good reasons to leave.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims (2012): A day after 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 20 Newtown, Conn., first-graders, six school workers, his mother and himself on Dec.

14, 2012, church members took to social media claiming that they would picket the vigil for victims of the mass killing.

The Topeka, Kan.-based church has spread its gospel — primarily, that the nation is doomed because of its acceptance of homosexuality — by showing up to protest during some of America's darkest hours, Their signs have included "God sent the killer" and "God hates f---," and their beliefs garnered a "hate group" label from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The church, founded in 1955, claims to have picketed 53,000 events.

He loves his church, attends regularly and is very involved. I don’t want to leave because I feel like I’m not “getting anything out of it.” I also don’t want to disappoint anyone or leave when the numbers are already so small.

But he is willing to go to my church if that’s what I want. Now, I feel like if I leave, people will think it’s just because of this guy.As America mourned, the Westboro Baptist Church picketed.Protesting at funerals and other profound events has been the church's modus operandi since the cult-like sect's late founder, Fred Phelps — who died March 19 at age 84 — protested at a local park in 1991 after a city refused to stop "gay activities" there.If you see the potential for a biblically faithful marriage between the two of you, then answering this question is a necessary part of the process of growing toward the oneness of marriage.Given that the pattern for Christian marriage is that the husband lead his wife and children, and that his wife submit to her husband’s leadership, it makes sense that you would at least consider leaving your church to join his.If your fellow church members think you are leaving because of him — then they’re right. But this is a good thing, not something to be ashamed of.Though he is free to join your church, and it’s a wonderful kindness that he is willing to do so, you ought to make your decision based not on the fear of what other people will think about you.We know we’re not supposed to “neglect meeting together” with other believers (Hebrews ), what’s less clear is when a dating couple should begin meeting together in the same church, and which church they should choose.Three months is not too short a time to decide you want to be members of the same church.Proverbs is clear when it says, “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.” We are to fear the Lord alone (Luke 12:5).You need something other than your feelings, or the concern about the feelings of others, to know if you should stay or go.


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