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"He fought like hell to keep the Ten Commandments in the damn courthouse," said a Facebook live video by Darrel Nelson.

Nelson said his father, John Alan Nelson, is married to Beverly Young Nelson, who publicly accused Moore of sexually assaulting her as a teen.

Yet Moore still holds almost magical appeal for many.

Fearful of angering Moore's supporters, the Alabama GOP has stuck with him, and voters like Larry Gibbs are putting their confidence in the Vietnam veteran long known as the "Ten Commandments judge," for putting shrines to the commandments in his courtroom and then in the Supreme Court rotunda.

"He has staunchly defended the Constitution of the United States, he has stood for the word of God ...

he is against the murder of the unborn by abortion. He is against a redefinition of marriage and believes firmly that it is only between a man and a woman.

Alabama's Christian conservatives see Roy Moore as their champion.

He has battled federal judges and castigated liberals, big government, gun control, Muslims, homosexuality and anything else that doesn't fit the evangelical mold.

He was removed from the job twice for violating state judicial ethics — once for ignoring a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state's judicial building and again over opposing gay marriage after the U. Longtime Moore supporter John Giles said Moore doesn't bend or change, and his voters value that.

"Every election cycle there's this tendency among the electorate to say 'Let's get rid of these rascals.


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