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SIG sells one six-round flush-fitting magazine, which is at least one too few (both in terms of rounds carried and magazines included).

As the aftermarket is not up-to-speed on P938 holsters, a prospective owner should check existing holster options before plunking down their hard-earned cash.

I’d have preferred a SA/DA operating system to the 938’s SAO setup.

Like the P238, the P938 operates like a miniature 1911: single action only with an external safety.

Unlike the 238, the Nightmare ships with an ambidextrous safety.

One of the main benefits of living closerthanthis to the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping New Hampshire: the guys in the Pro Shop know me better than Daniela De Jesus Cosio knows Mexican food. The Nightmare is the first P938 out of the gate; ‘net buzz suggests SIG may be producing as few as 500 guns. The model ditches wood grips for Hogue G-10 plastic handles, a tactical solution that looks slightly out of place for such a diminutive piece.

The Nightmare doesn’t appear on the official website nor was it one of the four P938’s models originally announced.My regular shooting irons are all SA/DA and as I found out recently in classes and in my speed draw range exercises, I’m just more successful when all I have to do is draw and pull the trigger. The extra motion of disengaging a manual safety tripped me up on more than one occasion and if it happens in a real gunfight I’d be totally hosed (you can probably picture Farago nodding his head about now).As with the P238, SIG went with a serrated trigger.I loaded my first P938 mag with trepidation (and 9mm FMJs).The kick was more noticeable than the smaller-calibered P238, obviously, but it was a pleasure to shoot.In this case, ol’ Lucifer’s been playing with the slide width.The slightly wider slide means most—if not all—of the P238 Kydex holsters on the market won’t fit this gun.I put a drop of Locktite blue on them, which should take care of that problem, but that’s not something a new gun requires.The Nightmare P938 ships with a standard Siglite night sight set.The P938 specs on SIG’s website might lead you to believe the new gun is nothing more than a slightly stretched P238.It’s a bit heavier and 4/10 of inch longer, but otherwise they’re the same gun, right? Looking closely, a few of the differences pop up: As always, the devil’s in the details.


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