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It was recorded as Catemosse in 1277 and Chatmos in 1322.From hence (Warrington), on the road to Manchester, we pass'd the great bog or waste call'd Chatmos, the first of that kind that we see in England ...

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It was initially believed that the head had been in the bog for less than a year, and so a search was conducted for more remains, but nothing was found.The final price paid by the corporation was £137,531 7s 1d (equivalent to £14.4 million in 2016 Farmers on Chat Moss were legally required by their tenancy agreements to accept a specified amount of refuse on their land, and were even obliged to pay for it.Farmers could themselves undertake reclamation work, with the land reclaimed being incorporated into their tenancies.George Stephenson was the engineer in charge of the project, and his initial idea was to dump enough spoil in the bog so that it would reach the bottom.This approach turned out to be impractical however, as the liquidity of the bog allowed the spoil to flow away from where the track was to be laid.Chat Moss threatened the completion of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, until George Stephenson, with advice from East Anglian marshland specialist Robert Stannard, succeeded in constructing a railway line through it in 1829; his solution was to "float" the line on a bed of bound heather and branches topped with tar and covered with rubble stone.The M62 motorway, completed in 1976, also crosses the bog, to the north of Irlam.In 1958 workers extracting peat discovered the severed head of what is believed to be a Romano-British Celt, possibly a sacrificial victim, in the eastern part of the bog near Worsley.Much of Chat Moss is now prime agricultural land, although farming in the area is in decline.A scheme was devised during the Second World War to protect major cities from enemy bombing by lighting decoy fires on nearby open land.Manchester was protected by four of these Starfish sites as they were known, two of them on Chat Moss.


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