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Mr Saunders, who sits on the Vatican's commission on protecting children from abuse, said: 'It's not surprising they are moving to another church.'If the Catholic hierarchy welcome him [Peter Ball] I hope they put in place every possible safeguard so that people know something about his background and he can never, ever pose a threat to children or young people again.'He said Michael Ball's complaint of taking a 'battering' from the Church was 'flippant' and it was 'disgusting' the pair were acting as though they were the victims.

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It is only from about the year 679 that we are able to appeal to English charters of indisputable authenticity.

Taking eight such documents, the eight earliest which we can quote with confidence and dated respectively 679, 692, 697, 732, 734, 736, 740, 759, we may notice says Professor Earle (Land Charters, Introduc., p.

"Those who have seen it say that the document which John brought does not bear the day or the indiction . Even down to the beginning of the twelfth century not only royal and imperial letters but even charters (), properly so called, were occasionally through the carelessness of officials sent out without a date.

(Bresslau, Handbuch, I, 891.) In this matter the Italian chancery officials seem to have been much more careful than those of the rest of Europe.

But Michael Ball reportedly told the BBC a move to the Catholic Church was a 'possibility'.

Justin Welby commissioned a report into the actions of Peter Ball, the former bishop of both Gloucester and Lewes, after he was jailed in October 2015 for grooming and exploiting 18 men over a period of two decades.

The same is true with regard to the correctness of the dates which do appear in official documents, especially those of the early Middle Ages.

As a rule the charters emanating from the chancery of the Western Emperors are much more liable to this form of error than those of the Holy See (Bresslau, ib., 844). In any case it remains certain and is admitted by all serious writers upon diplomatics that the mere fact that an erroneous date occurs in a document, especially when we are dealing with the earlier Middle Ages, cannot by itself be accepted as a proof, or even a presumption, of the spuriousness of the document.

The first of his victims to come forward took his own life in 2012 after hearing Sussex Police had reopened the case.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey resigned as honorary assistant bishop in the Diocese of Oxford after the public inquiry into child sex abuse last year heard he delayed a 'proper investigation' into Ball's crimes for two decades by failing to pass information to police.


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