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, a landmark study of the thirty-sixth president of the United States.The fifth and final volume, now underway, will presumably cover the 1964 election, the passage of the Voting Rights Act and the launch of the Great Society, the deepening of America’s involvement in Vietnam, the unrest in the cities and on college campuses, Johnson’s decision not to seek reelection, and his retirement and death—enough material, it would seem, for four ­additional ­volumes.After conceiving of the book as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, Caro persisted through seven difficult years of being, in his words, “plain broke.” With the support of his wife, Ina (to make ends meet, she sold their house on Long Island without telling him), he finished, and [2002], he won another Pulitzer.) In addition to the countless hours he has spent in archives poring over memos and correspondence, Caro has camped out alone in the Texas Hill Country; persuaded former senator Bill Bradley to serve as a model on the Senate floor (Bradley is roughly the same height as Johnson, making him a useful stand-in); and tracked down virtually everyone who ever knew Johnson, from his siblings to his chauffeur.

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If there is a question that annoys Caro more than “Do you like Lyndon Johnson? ” This interview took place over the course of four sessions, which were conducted in his Manhattan ­office, near Columbus Circle.

The room is spartan, containing little more than a desk, a sofa, several file cabinets, and large bookcases crammed with well-thumbed volumes on figures like FDR, Al Smith, and the Kennedy ­brothers—not to mention copies of Caro’s own books.

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Caro now spends most of his days in the Columbus Circle office, writing.

Though it is clear that he values uninterrupted time at his desk above ­almost anything else, he always received me with warm courtesy, except for one ­occasion, when I arrived fifteen minutes late for our meeting.Shipping Policy ***All Expedited shipments must be placed before 1PM PST to be guaranteed same day shipment or agreed otherwise with a sales representative's confirmation.*** Cancellation Policy RETURN POLICY~ all wholesale returns require a Return Authorization (RA) Form.Any merchandise sent without an RA FORM inside the return shipment will be disregarded and no credit will be issued.I said that would be great, so long as they made it for something that I really wanted to be studied. I said, I want students to learn that writing, the quality of the prose, matters in nonfiction, that writing matters in history.So they created the Robert Caro ’53 Prize for Literary Excellence in the Writing of History.The refund/ store credit for the returned merchandise will be available at this point.REFUSED PACKAGES~ any returned merchandise which violates our policy above, will be re-shipped to the sender.But as the interview progressed, Caro was warmed by his enthusiasm for his subject, speaking faster and more animatedly, chopping at the air in his eagerness to bring Lyndon Johnson to life. Books were not part of the house, but my mother, before she died, had my father promise to send me to Horace Mann. We’d get off at Getty Square, take all our copy over to a Linotype shop, and then we would stay there while the hot type came out, and when the page was complete they’d ink it and put a piece of paper over it with a roller, and that’s how you’d read it.— INTERVIEWER Did you grow up in a house full of books? My mother got very sick when I was five, and she died when I was eleven. The nicest thing that’s happened to me, really, is that four years ago Horace Mann said they wanted to name a prize after me. All claims, including non-defective item returns, must be made within five (5) days after receipt of goods.Please contact us for a Return Authorization (RA) number as goods will NOT be accepted without prior authorization from our company.


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