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The Bob & Tom Show has released over 60 comedy CD’s and DVD’s.The show also has produced specials for Comedy Central and live comedy concerts nationwide via The Bob & Tom Comedy All-Stars Tour.

KRISTI LEE Kristi is the voice of reason in the room, all while delivering the day’s lifestyle and entertainment news.The BOB & TOM show is a hilarious blend of comedy, talk, news, and sports heard across the nation from 6 to 10 AM EST! Imagine all of the things Clint Howard has heard and seen after an entire lifetime in Hollywood… Apollo 13 actor Clint Howard stops by the studio to talk movies, life and being Ron Howard's brother. Join VIP: iid=99001I**GTZ The Man Song Frank Caliendo is in studio The huscow Josh's brother in jail Frank's daughter Neison talk Vanity plates B&T Store Frank's schedule Jokes with no punchlines (WIR) Tom's selective memory…JOSH ARNOLD Josh is the newest addition to the cast, even though he wasn’t the first choice (just the first to one to say yes).Josh is a single guy who’s been touring the country as a stand-up comedian for over a decade.Kristi Lee steps out of the shadow of the Bob and Tom Show where she can start a new venture, beginning with her show, Kristi Lee Uninterrupted.This show will bring you interviews from people you may have heard of before and people who you may not know, but all of them have a story.The Bob & Tom Show was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.The show has won five Marconi Awards, the absolute highest award in radio from the National Association of Broadcasters.The show is also America’s leading media outlet for the best comedians on the circuit.More than just a comedy show, Bob & Tom also feature live performances from singers, songwriters, and musicians.


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