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so why is it called a Madeira Cake – well according to Wikapedia – it is a rich sponge cake that, contrary to its name, does not include Madeira, nor did it originate from the Madeira Islands.

Historically, it was a popular cake to serve alongside glasses of the fortified wine in the 19th century in England.

“For a programme clearly aimed at a teenage audience it is extremely irresponsible not to include any ­discussion of safe sex.” Mediawatch says Cherry Healey: Like A Virgin, which is being screened straight after the 9pm watershed, flouts the Ofcom code dealing with “generally accepted standards”.

The last time the BBC breached the code was when Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand used offensive language during prank calls to Andrew Sachs on Radio 2.

‘Cherry Has A Baby’ is part one of a three part documentary series by Cherry Healy.

In this first part Cherry who is 8 months pregnant meets 7 other pregnant women who are different stages in their life, you have (their tittles not mine)I really did enjoy this documentary, it was interesting listen to the expectations this women had about motherhood.Topics covered included sex in pregnancy, homebirths, dog training, bikini waxes and IVF.At times I cried with laughter, at times with joys and with sadness.She is scathing about the lack of sex education in the show.“If this programme is designed to be educational it clearly fails.Vivienne Pattison, of TV watchdog Mediawatch, said: “The show is ­terrible, almost a freak show.It’s also irresponsible, inappropriate, disturbing and even exploitative towards some of those featured in it.Cherry Madeira a perfect delicious moist Madeira – lovely! It is one of the most popular recipes on the blog, it’s such a classic and so simple – I love it!A real teatime treat – that’s if you can wait until teatime!In April 2011 her documentary exploring all things surrounding breast feeding, Is Breast Best? Cherry’s Dilemma’s on Money, Body Image and Parenting followed in 2011 and played in the UK as well as on ABC in Australia.Cherry’s most recent shows include 2012’s How To Get A Life and Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods and It’s Your Move in 2013.


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