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The Tribe is a community of a free thinking, and a utopian balance.This lifestyle fulfills the need and curiosity to indulge in multiple or typically considered unorthodox 'genres' of sexual expression, without ridicule, judgment, or discrimination.

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The group is meant to provide the support of like minded individuals, healthy practices for this specific psychological design as well as being progressively fluidic.

All "Euphorians" or predominant hedonist, fetishist, BDSM Practitioners, native to the cover of "the Umbrella" , - all sexual preferences are embraced.

I confess that back in high school, my friend was going through some family problems.

He kept on reaching out to me but I was busy with my own shit.

She broke it off with the other guy once we got serious but its bugging the hell out of me. Not long after we started dating I got what I thought was a UTI (urinary tract infection). so she just wrote me a script for some antibiotics and I got better.

She told me it had been years since her last sexual partner and I believed her so I wasn't really concerned.I immediately thought of her on her back looking bored while he quickly thrusted into her pussy.My own girlfriend at times looks bored and says please hurry up.So now we've been together for 5 years are married.Recently I get another UTI this one isn't near as bad as the prior one. UTIs are not common in men so I'm a little concerned.This group is a symbol of, and motivated to a hard advocacy for change.Although there are many forms of social media, specific to and supportive of these lifestyles, the purpose of this group is to add convenience, for discussion, event notification, education, protection (privacy & vulnerabilities), and sanctuary.(Tribal Bylaw 2-A) Remember, this organization is a sanctuary for all members that DO NOT deserve to be exposed t o selfish infections All decisions regarding violations or other interest correlative to the balance of this community will be analyzed and voted on, unanimously by a panel of admin, structured to enforce a pure, non-bias democracy.This group does not admit anyone under the age of 18.. My friend was telling me that her husband fucks her once a month and it's usually a quick in an out procedure.History: So two weeks into dating she goes on a trip with her EX-Boyfriend.They'd had it planned for several months before I knew her.


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