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Fast forward a year later, and Emma touches on the subject briefly with Vogue, saying: "It's been a good year. Pros and cons." She adds that Andrew is "someone I still love very much". An 'onlooker' tells the paper: "As soon as Andrew finished his meal he made a beeline for her and gave her a huge hug.December 2016: During a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew is asked which actor or actress he'd take to a desert island with him. They chatted and laughed for at least half an hour.

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I don't know Emma or Andrew (although I saw them once at the movies in New York and gave them what I firmly feel was a kind, encouraging smile), but when they broke up, I felt a little sad. Unlike other young celeb exes, many of whom throw shade or never let the drama die after a breakup, these two have repeatedly proven that it's humanly possible to have a civil — even lovely! Now that awards season is ramping up, we're getting to see their elegance in full swing.Emma's tan style are from Mansur Gavriel and they can be shopped at Bergdorf Goodman, right.If Emma's pair aren't for you, check out some similar options in the line up below by the likes of Beek, Park Lane and more.Grab your Kleenex – another celebrity couple has bitten the dust.Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have officially broken up after four years of dating, Access Hollywood has learned.It helps that the breakup didn't come with any nasty press leaks (I still don't know exactly why they split) or bad words said about one another.When they've been asked about their past relationship, or when the other has come up in interviews, it's all love. I love Emma." And no, I don't think that was an "I love you, Emma, come on the desert island and get back together with me!I couldn't help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her, and not let her get away.Like an animal preying on a smaller animal, but a wily smaller animal,' he added.(Andrew and Emma were spotted together in London around his birthday this past summer.) of their meeting during casting for the movie, "It was like I woke up when she came in.She was the last person to screen-test, and I was so bored of it by then that I was mucking about ...


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