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Lulu, an app founded in 2013, is the closest anyone has come, so far, to making Shteyngart’s vision come true.

Lulu, an app founded in 2013, is the closest anyone has come, so far, to making Shteyngart’s vision come true.

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Lulu is not exclusively about fuckability—#Mothers Love Him, #Owns Crocs, #Smells Amazeballs, and #Belieber are also popular hashtags—but it’s not about fuckability, either.

“Of course people on Lulu talk about sex,” Chong said. I’m always making investors blush, because we rarely have a meeting where dick size or anal sex doesn’t come up.”Lulu is rigidly heteronormative—only women can rate men—and it is built around a traditional gender binary.

She did, however, say this: “Twitter can be really scary for women. Pinterest ended up being majority-female, but only by accident.

I’m glad that Lulu is a place that is, intentionally, for women.”Recently, the app introduced a feature called Truth Bombs.

“Facebook, in the early days, was very much used as a dating service—you could always claim you were using it for something else, even though virtually no one did.

With this, if you market it as a service to help women or whatever, maybe more people are comfortable using it.”Women tend to use Lulu for advice about the things that most of us aren’t eager to talk about, the way someone investigating a potential mate a generation ago might have sought out the town busybody.This was all fascinating, in a trainwreck sort of way, but it was also useful cautionary information.It’s one thing to meet someone who has perfect stubble; it’s another thing to learn that he is willing to apply that description to himself.“In the world of straight online dating, women seem to have almost all of the power,” he continued.Why, then, has Lulu not exploited its advantage by becoming a dating service?On her phone, she searched for a guy she knew, then pulled up his profile photo (biceps, hair gel).“He has a 6.1, which seems fair, although, granted, I’ve never hooked up with him,” she said.“She’d been texting with this guy all night, so I’m, like, ‘Look him up.’ He had a 3.1”—out of 10—“which is, like, really not good.No one who had dated him gave him a good rating, and no one who had hooked up with him gave him a good rating. She texted him some excuse and went to sleep.”Taylor Morgan, also twenty-four, lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey.“The pessimistic case is that they don’t know how—they just got lucky with their first thing and they’re riding that out,” Altman said.“The more bullish case would be, what they have is so successful that they have no incentive to do anything else—at least not yet.” And there’s a third possible reason: plausible deniability.


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