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These are two completely different types of vessels with differing modes of typological develop­ment.

In the Middle Bronze period, the store jar comparable to our figure 8 had a short neck and a thick heavy rim, many times profiled, which was only slightly everted.

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Bryant Wood published his well known article in Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) on the destruction of Jericho and its correlation with the Biblical account. 1990 issue of BAR, Piotr Bienkowski wrote an article disputing Dr. The following article engages with Bienkowski's criticisms, providing the reader with an in-depth analysis of some of the work done at Jericho, and demonstrating Dr.

In fact, the material culture of the Late Bronze I period is simply a continuation of that of the Middle Bronze period. Bienkowski dismisses the cited Late Bronze I parallels from Ashdod and Hazor by stating that an "attempt to achieve a precise dating by parallels from such a distance is unconvinc­ing." This is a desperate attempt to discount this telling evidence.

As a result, many Middle Bronze forms continue into Late Bronze I. The distances to these sites are well within the orbit of itinerant merchants, the primary agents for the diffusion of ceramic wares in antiquity.This form also is a Late Bronze form not found in the Middle Bronze period.Similar decorated jars are found in Late Bronze I contexts in Ashdod XVII, Although this type had its beginnings at the end of the Middle Bronze period, it is transitional between the long dipper juglet of the Middle Bronze and the Late Bronze II short dipper juglet, and is the common form for Late Bronze I.Be that as it may, it is simply poor metho­dology to base dating almost exclusively on the lack of imported pottery. In the Middle Bronze period, the bowl had a pronounced crimp at the point of carination.While the "absence of Late Bronze I Cypriote imports may thus be significant" as Bienkowski has stated, the primary method of dating should be a thorough analysis of the Bienkowski next states that the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt in the mid-16th century bears no relevance to the dating of the destruction of Jericho. In the Late Bronze period, on the other hand, the crimp became less pronounced until it finally disappears altogether at the end of the Late Bronze Age.This was exactly my contention; I am glad that he agrees with me on this point! Here, Bienkowski is falling into the same trap as Kenyon—he is using unstratified tomb pottery to date a stratified occupational deposit!The two events should not be correlated, as Kenyon had done. Bienkowski himself has commented on the impropriety of this procedure.In the Late Bronze IIA period, on the other hand, Area H was occupied by an isolated palace, or residency, with associated outbuildings. Figure 1 is referred to as a "flaring carinated bowl." This type has a long history, as Bienkowski points out.Commercial relations, trade patterns and the types of ceramic wares in use would not necessarily be the same in the two periods. But during this history, changes were taking place.Figure 10 simply shows the continuation of the simple everted rim which had its beginnings in the Middle Bronze period.Parallels in Late Bronze I are found in Lachish Fosse Temple I, Figure 11 is significant because it shows the widened rim flange which developed in the course of the Late Bronze I period.


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