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To customize and filter the web for your child, after you select “Settings,” and select the profile, go to “Content Restrictions,” and select “Web filtering.” You can then select and enable the level of filtering.

Once you click on an Avatar, it will spin around happily and you will then be directed to your menu screen.

First you’ll have to set up your password/PIN, just like on the Wii, to have full control of the Xbox 360.

If you have a 14 year old, you can change the settings for them to not playing anything rated over T (teens) and they can’t watch anything rated R. First, sign in to your console and on your controller, and press the “Menu” button.

Select “Settings” and scroll to the right to “Family,” then select the profile you want to modify.

To customize a profile, select “Use, but customize.” You will then see all the different customization options for each setting.

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When done, press B on your controller to return to the previous screen.For more information and ways to filter, please go to Xbox One Support Play Station 3/Play Station 4.With the parental controls, both PS3 and PS4 are able to restrict the game and video content, as well as using the Internet, so even when you’re not home, your child is protected 24/7.(Some features will not appear until the Wii console is connected to the Internet).Once all the selections are made, select “Confirm.” After you’ve read the information on the screen, either tap “Next” or press the A button to continue.Then, select “Game Settings and PIN” then “The Highest Game Rating.” Use the blue arrow to scroll through the ESRB ratings.That page will look like this: After you select the rating, and select “OK” select “Confirm.” Then select “Other Settings” and “OK.” For each setting, select “Do not restrict” or “Restrict” and “Next” to proceed.Press the B button to exit to the Xbox menu and click on “Privacy ” which is in the same area as “Family.” Now, if you want to change a specific account that your child uses, you can go back to the “Family” section in “Settings” and select the account you want to manage.Go to “Online Safety” and select “Change Settings,” once again.Click on “Parental Controls.” Click “Ok” three times to begin setup.It will ask you for a PIN number, so think of a few numbers that your kids can’t hack and then input those numbers.


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