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Fax numbers to senators I have faxed: Clinton: 202-228-2082 Schumer: 202-228-3027 Lott: 202-224-2262 Reid: 202-224-7327 Cornyn: 202-228-2856 Hagel: 202-224-5213 Martinez: 202-228-5171 Mc Connell: 202-224-2499 Kennedy: 202-224-2417 Obama: 202-228-4260I said "high standards" not "high moral standards" in my first sentence.

I can point you to some of your posts when you use 'foul' language even when not attacked.

Also you need Manufacturing clearance recall letter(which can be done both in USA & Canada).

I did not pay canadian customs a fee which is 209 tax, as I want to bring the car back to usa.

It is my humble request, to get together and do something big Lets not waste time, may be our action will repeat July 07.

A classic lawsuit against USCIS for Racial Discrimination which is pushing immigrants back to their countries, also we could involve professor Wadhwa's input on this. Mine was filed directly with TSC because my lawyers reason: my I-140 was approved from there.

In case, you didn't read, I said valid legal reasons. In a Nutshell IV or AILA Kind of group, need to bring on their agenda, if they think its in Best interest for everybody.

Simply put i am used to standing in queue to Buy Coffe, and somebody gets priority I feel i've been bypassed. and I would like to add one more point is this unnecessary classification of EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3... Not yet in the GC mess, but if I want to stay here, I will have to get in.

You have 45 days to get all this things done , other wise You have to export the car back to USA.

They told me to send the payment or they will send a reminder notice after 10 days, which to date i have not received yet.


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