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With the one-way communication of a lecture, the service of a note taker may be adequate, but in the two-way communication of a seminar, an interpreter may be needed.An issue that is often misunderstood by postsecondary officials and students is the provision of personal aids and services.

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The program must analyze the appropriateness of an aid or service in its specific context.

For example, the type of accommodation needed by a student who is hearing-impaired may vary, depending upon whether the format is a large lecture hall or a seminar.

Consensus has been achieved through the pursuit of closure, in which meetings of expert and administrator groups produce texts, tables and images that stabilise ostensibly collective decisions.

Within this framework, diverse perspectives have been accommodated through the production of typologies, such as lists of comparable options, which allow for the coexistence and commensurability of a range of knowledges and experts.

Specifically, psychology training programs are required to make reasonable adjustments or modifications to practices, policies and procedures, and to provide auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities, unless to do so would "fundamentally alter" the nature of the programs or result in an "undue burden.” Providing accommodations do not compromise the essential elements of a course or curriculum; nor do they weaken the academic standards or integrity of a course.

Accommodations simply provide an alternative way to accomplish the course requirements by eliminating or reducing disability-related barriers.

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) similarly states that personal services are not required to be provided.

Postsecondary schools are not obligated to provide personal services relating to certain individual academic activities.

This brings me full circle and to the latest book Accommodating Nature: The Photographs of Frank Gohlke.

Throughout his other books, Frank has exhibited not only his talent for making images but also his remarkable talent for writing.


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