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The question came up because Waggoner, along with the rest of the council, is considering a recent recommendation from its finance committee for a tax rebate for Hoffbrau, which is planning a location at the former Fiddle Creek restaurant.Reports have indicated that council members have emails from the city of Flower Mound that contradict the bakery owner; however Flower Mound does not have any financial records to back up their claim the bakery was not harmed financially.

“I had asked her what I considered to be a ‘fairness in economic development’ question – basically whether giving incentives to bring in bigger outside organizations could sometimes hurt existing independents, and whether a ‘fairness” factor” should be considered.’ Waggoner says he sought out the bakery on his own and visited there in Flower Mound on the 8 of this month.

She seemed to say offering incentives to new businesses to come in never hurt existing independents, and gave as an example that ‘targeting’ a big bakery (Le Madeline) and bringing it to town in Flower Mound.

Wachholz pointed out the targeting of La Madeleine in Flower Mound, which she explained brought other businesses to the neighborhood, and that in turn provided more traffic to the area and it translated into bigger business for the “Mom and Pop Bakery” on the corner. However, that “Mom and Pop Bakery” known as Swirl Bakery Cafe Takery has a different story to tell about what happened after Flower Mound offered incentives to not one “like kind” business, but two.

“You are saying it has been good for the company that has been there a long time? Wagoner traveled to Flower Mound and found the bakery’s owner, Chris Norwood, who penned the following email in response to Wachholz’s comments.

“In Reference to tax rebates in Flower Mound and how they have affected me and my business.

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I and my wife and her parents began operating our bakery (Swirl Bakery Cafe Takery) here in Flower Mound in 2002.

The symbol dates back to ancient Egypt and was symbol of protection and royal power from deities, in this case from Horus.

The most notable modern depiction of the eye is the reverse of Great Seal of the United States, which appears on that nation's One Dollar bill." - ladylavona. Richard Thornton, author of the soon-to-be-published Itsapa ...

Overall I’m down over 100K in sales a year after the opening of these two big competing bakeries.

I have heard from other independents that aren’t doing well and they are thinking of not renewing their lease.


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